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More and more people are starting a business from home given the uncertainty of employment and the threat of any future lockdowns. Hopefully, we are now approaching the end of this pandemic but one thing is for sure, it’s changed the way we work – probably for a very long time to come.  

Normally, people wouldn’t start out on a new business venture following a worldwide shake-up but this is probably the best time to go for it and here’s why:

  • Less competition – some of your competitors may have already gone out of business, leaving a gap in the market for you
  • Easier online access to customers – with everyone spending more time at home on multiple devices you have a captured audience
  • Plenty of time to get ready – you’ve had most of 2020 to plan!
  • Employee talent – With furlough and redundancy, you can now take your pick of the talent
  • Access to funding – Fingers crossed financial support and cash injections will continue in 2021

If you are now ready to take the next step away from the makeshift office you’ve created at the dining room table or the kitchen counter, we would love to be involved. Whether your new home office will be located in your garage, annex, spare bedroom or just the corner of a main family room, we will focus on practical, workable, economical and comfortable home office plans and furniture to get you the right working space at the right price. As a leading office furniture supplier in your area, we are always available to assist you with your enquiries and make your professional home office plans come to life.

Creating the right home office space is important for physical and mental wellbeing – you want to achieve a space that is going to make your working day as productive as possible, no matter how many hours you spend there.

But how do you go about planning it correctly? You call us.

We offer a completely free planning service where one of our expert team will meet you at home, measure your available space and create detailed 2D and 3D drawings that will make the most of your space and plan out the office furniture ranges that will suit your needs. Whether it’s just a new desking system, chairs and storage you need, or multiple desks and meeting facilities for more of your team, Diamond Office Furniture can design and supply your ideal working from home space.

Our range of ergonomic desking and seating will ensure that you minimise any risk of injury whilst working in your new space and our collection of electric height adjustable desks are perfect for customers who need the flexibility in their workspace to be able to stand to relieve any back and neck pressure. We also appreciate that this is still your home and that you may be sharing it with your family, so we go that extra mile to make it stylish, practical and in keeping with the rest of your décor where possible. We also have access to some great little office gadgets, especially ones that can tame your technology and keep everyone safe from hazardous electrical wiring.

Now you’ve made the decision to start a business from home, plan, design and fit it out with the best in quality home office furniture from your local trusted office furniture suppliers, Diamond Office Furniture.

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NB: Finance available on new furniture only.

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