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In general, the UK workforce has become more sedentary during our working hours. Most things are available to us at the touch of a button which in turn reduces the amount of time we spend walking around our office space; technology plays a huge part in keeping us at our desks – IT and communication advancements mean we don’t have to get up and move anymore. It’s our basic human needs that keep us moving between the kitchen and the loo!

Aside from the increased lack of movement during 9-5 working hours, things are getting worse now that we are mainly working from home. Most people are spending even longer at their desks because their commute time has been eradicated. The 30-second commute down the stairs each morning means that you can easily start work at 8am instead of 9am and stay until 6pm because you don’t have to rush off to beat the traffic.

This is unhealthy and as an employer you have a responsibility to make sure the wellbeing of your employee is taken care of as best you can in these challenging times. Simple changes like installing height adjustable electric desks to make working from home more comfortable can make all the difference and here’s why:

  • Reduces risk of back issues from an uncomfortable sitting position affecting posture
  • Improves blood flow to the brain, hands and feet
  • Reduces risk of digestive and intestinal problems by being constantly seated
  • Reduces risk of cramp, deep vein thrombosis and muscle waste
  • Burns more calories by standing whilst working as using bigger muscle groups
  • Creates more motivation and productivity
  • Less sick days are needed
  • Happier employees = happier employer
  • Introduces a dynamic and efficient new working style

Often people think that manual height adjustable desks are a cheaper alternative to electric, but this isn’t true in all cases so it is worth exploring the benefits of electric over manual options.

You may need to change the height level several times a day to suit your needs, so you may be less inclined to use a more comfortable setting if you know you have to fiddle about with a manual version to get the desired height. With electric desks there are infinite height positions that are easily adjustable so you can reach your optimum working height without fuss. If you decide you want to go back to a seated position, it simply takes seconds to change it back.

Electric desks are often safer than manual ones. Pneumatic controlled desks have the counterweight factor which can mean that when you release the mechanism, the desk can shoot up – our electric desks ensure anti-collision to prevent injury and accidental damage.

If you’d like to explore our range of height adjustable electric desks to make working from home more comfortable, our friendly team are on hand to talk to you today. Whether you need a stand-alone height adjustable electric desk or you’d like this to form part of our fitted home furniture range, we can help.

Here at Diamond Office Furniture, we will provide you with 2D and 3D plans to maximise your home office space and turn your awkward working space into an enjoyable and productive hive of industry.

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