When you buy office furniture second hand, you minimise our landfill use

Did you know that by choosing to reuse second hand furniture significantly helps our environment?


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We are so close to the UK fully opening up again after the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the way we live and work and many businesses are excited to get back into the office environment and get a sense of normalcy once more. The new Delta variant may throw a spanner in the works but the latest data is looking encouraging, so fingers crossed the road map will not divert too much!

The world has been hit hugely with no corner of the globe untouched by this virus. Is this a warning for the human race? Is Mother Nature telling us to look after our planet with a little more care? Is your business ready to be more eco-warrior rather than eco-worrier?

Buying office furniture second hand is proving more and more popular; it is the ethical way to keep large items out of the UK’s dwindling landfill space and reduce the production of harmful greenhouse gases. It is also a far more economical way to refurb your office without costing the earth.

Here at Diamond Office Furniture Ltd, we are experts in sourcing the very best in good quality, stylish office furniture available from the used market. More affordable and readily available, it is the solution needed for countless businesses who have been hit financially and who cannot afford to wait for long lead times from manufacturers of new office furniture. Whether you need a single extra workstation or a full office redesign, we are here to help. With desking systems, chairs, storage, reception or breakout area furniture in grasp, we can help you to reconfigure your work spaces, with all the appropriate social distancing measures which we will still need for some time to come. We can also provide the right screening solutions to keep your staff safe.

There are over 500 landfill sites in the UK and in a report produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) back in 2017, it was forecast that we would run out of available landfill space with 6.8 years…now in 2021, who knows how much time we have left before there is nowhere to dump unwanted office furniture and other non-hazardous waste.

Choosing office furniture second hand also means that we can minimise the destruction of forests for the wood needed and that our water systems will be purer as they won’t be as contaminated with harmful chemicals and dyes, all of which just speeds up the climate change process causing more damage.

By making the move to pre-loved office furniture, not only are you giving these perfectly good items a second shot at being useful again, but you are also guaranteed to save a substantial amount of money as well as helping our planet to recover – and that is such a good thing to add into your business’s environmental sustainability policy!

Contact us today and discover our range of second hand quality office furniture options available for your work space.

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