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We have high quality office furniture that’s been used for sale, saving you money and time

June ’21 came and went and now we all wait with baited-breath for July 19 to see if the UK can fully open up and return to normal. With our new Health Secretary in place, let’s see what will happen on his watch.

Working from home has lost its appeal for many who are now experiencing screen fatigue, and just want that element of human interaction in the workplace again – socially distanced off course. Business owners are gradually increasing the number of hours and days employees can physically work out of their old office environment pre-covid for the sake of their mental health.

Having to re-evaluate your workspace to allow for social distancing measures or downsize your office space for whatever reason, we don’t think that adapting and kitting out your office should be a high and unnecessary cost when businesses can least afford it.

Here at Diamond Office Furniture Ltd, we have an extensive range of good quality office furniture in a used condition available for you to purchase. We have everything from reception desks, desking solutions, chairs, storage, breakout areas, screening and much more. We can also work with you to create 2D and 3D plans to ensure that your work space works for you and your staff and meets all social distancing guidelines that the government still require.

We are able to source a range of ergonomic office furniture solutions for you for members of your team who may need support in their physical wellbeing after months of working from a dining room table, which isn’t a great long-term solution and something that does take its toll on the back and the neck.

We are big fans of selling on office furniture used previously which has been taken good care of and could easily be given a second chance for a business like yours to benefit from it. Another great advantage of using a pre-loved option is that your lead time on ordering and installing is greatly reduced and you are helping the environment at the same time – this is always a good point to make in your sustainability policy!

Architectural wrapping is also becoming more popular for re-covering and branding your new yet used furniture and is very cost effective. So whilst you may not be so keen on jumping into the second hand office furniture market, we can’t fault it; it’s a perfect solution to get the look you desire, the functionality you need and the right configuration to keep your staff happy and safe.

If you are currently looking for a way to revamp your current working space at home or in the office getting ready for your return, then speak to one of our friendly team who will happily discuss all options available to you. We are here to take away the hassle of sourcing, selecting, designing, planning and installing for you.

We look forward to helping you get back to business!

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NB: Finance available on new furniture only.

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