Starburst Diamond Range Desk Top Screens

£102.00£158.00 exc. VAT - £122.40 inc. VAT

The Starburst Diamond Range is a Aluminum Framed screen range .

All screens come with options on trim colour Silver or White

You can add tool rails to the screens to hang monitor arms and other accesories.

The screens come in Camira Cara fabric as standard.

5 Year Guarantee.

There are a large range of brackets please pick from the list.



Screen Options

Straight Screen £0.00 Wave Screen £0.00 Curved Screen £0.00
White £0.00 Silver £0.00
None White £0.00 Silver £0.00 Fabric Matching Screen Colour £0.00
Cara Glass £0.00 Cara Walten £0.00 Cara Carron £0.00 Cara Portland £0.00 Cara Spray £0.00 Cara Tummel £0.00 Cara Merrick £0.00 Cara Pitlochry £0.00 Cara Lead £0.00 Cara Dolphin £0.00 Cara Galilee £0.00 Cara Black £0.00 Cara Adriatic £0.00 Cara Clan £0.00 Cara Chaucer £0.00 Cara Austen £0.00 Cara Inverness £0.00 Cara Cluanie £0.00 Cara Vit £0.00 Cara Staffa £0.00 Cara Fair Isle £0.00 Cara Lora £0.00 Cara Easdale £0.00 Cara Ronay £0.00 Cara Hillswick £0.00 Cara Shetland £0.00 Cara Lomond £0.00 Cara Beltane £0.00 Cara Lerwick £0.00 Cara Maree £0.00 Cara Denny £0.00 Cara Lossie £0.00
25mm Brackets Standard Adjustable Graphite £0.00 45mm Brackets Standard Adjustable Graphite £0.00 70mm Brackets Standard Adjustable Graphite £0.00 95mm Brackets Standard Adjustable Graphite £0.00 Side Screw Brackets Graphite £0.00 T Bracket Graphite (this will leave screw hold in top if removed) £0.00 25mm Bracket Silver 30mm Overhang +£5.00 Side Fix bracket Silver +£5.00 25mm Bracket Silver 18mm overhang +£5.00 Bench Brackets Silver +£10.00 T Bracket Silver (this will leave screw hold in top if removed) +£10.00 15-45mm Adjustable Bracket Silver +£14.00 34-64mm Adjustable Bracket Silver +£14.00 50-79mm Adjustable Bracket Silver +£14.00

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