The benefits of using a monitor arm in your work office and home office

Monitor arms are ideal for employees who sit, stand, or do both in their work environments

The way we work today has changed and that includes allowing employees to work from home or hybrid working where employees can spend some days in the office and some at home. No matter where your office is, establishing a proper ergonomic set-up that won’t negatively impact your physical wellness can often be tricky – especially from home.

That’s why here at Diamond Office Furniture, we have a new range of monitor arms to help tackle any physical strain. This monitor arm means that do won’t have to slouch to remain at eye level with your screen or work awkwardly over a pile of paperwork. Our monitor arms can hold computer monitors and laptops in positions that provide you with convenience and comfort by attaching to desks, walls, and ceilings to maximize ergonomics in your office environment.

So what are the benefits?:


A monitor arm could be the solution you need to better organise your desk, especially for monitor adjustment which is needed in tight spaces. You won’t have to organise your space around your monitor as this arm will lift your monitor off your desk and allow plenty of space for other materials.

Adjustable Monitor Settings

Avoid square eyes from staring at a computer screen in a static position for hours on end. This doesn’t do you any good and results in poor posture, neck pain, and eye strain; musculoskeletal disorders are often linked to poor ergonomics! An adjustable monitor arm for your desk helps to promote healthy posture, which reduces musculoskeletal pain and prolongs employee productivity. According to a study of over 300 workers, over half reported a better connection between the monitor arms and healthy ergonomics with less neck and back pain overall.

Video Calls Comfort

Video calls are still a big part of the way we have changed in our working day. The need for Zoom or MS Teams has not gone away and that means that virtual meetings are still required. Bad camera angles can make you appear unprofessional; with a monitor arm, we can raise your camera angle to ensure that it’s positioned at eye level, achieving a better viewing angle while on video calls.

Our range of monitor arms can suit all set-ups. The FSA range allows you to free up space on your office desk giving you more room and increased flexibility and ergonomic benefit. Our Strela monitor arm is a cost-effective flat screen monitor arm providing improved flexibility and is quick to assemble onto a standard office desk. The Sigma monitor arm is quick to put together and facilitates the needs of single or double monitors. The effortless design allows the installer to fit the arm in minutes and the rotation/ swivel features and screen can be set at the correct height to avoid neck and back tension.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of ergonomic monitor arms for improved space and physical benefits, please contact our friendly team today.

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