Electric desks and how they work

Giving you the facts about height adjustable electric desks in the United Kingdom

Diamond Office Furniture is your local, trusted supplier of office furniture in Bishops Stortford, our range is highly extensive, but we’d like to share more specific information about our height adjustable electric desks in the United Kingdom.

Height adjustable electric desks from the United Kingdom allow the office worker to use a desk in a standing position. Sitting at a desk for a prolonged period of time can leave workers with aching shoulders and problems with their posture. Here, we’re taking a look at the benefits of height adjustable electric desks in the United Kingdom that give you the freedom to decide.

Electric Desks and how they work1 – Improved health

The “Stand Up to Work” study documents that 47% of people with height adjustable electric desks in the United Kingdom reported a significant reduction in upper back or neck discomfort. That’s reason enough for us to invest!

2 – Productivity

Altering between sitting and standing can increase blood flow to the brain, which in turn increases productivity – re-energising you for the day ahead.

3 – Collaboration

Increasing the amount of time spent standing with more movement can lead to more engagement with your colleagues in the workplace, increasing collaborative opportunities and encouragement for those to return to working at the office.

4 – Control

A height adjustable electric desk in the United Kingdom puts you in the driving seat of how you wish to spend your working day. Seated or standing, you decide!

For more information on how a height adjustable electric desk sourced in the United Kingdom can benefit you or your colleagues, take a look at our range.

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