Workstation Assessments for your staff

Did you know that as a business owner, you are responsible for meeting all the health and safety requirements for your staff in the office environment, but equally as important, also in the home office?

This means you are accountable when it comes to reducing risk to the wellbeing of staff and if you don’t do this, then you are breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act and Health and Safety Regulations 1992.

Here at Diamond Office Furniture, not only to we provide a wide range of seating and desking options that make working life more comfortable, but we can also offer you helpful advice by way of a workstation assessment to keep you in the Health and Safety Executive’s good books.

With more and more people being forced to work from home, now is a critical time to ensure that the workspace they have is functioning well and takes into consideration the physical impact that the home office set-up allows.

We are not designed to sit all day long when working long hours with display screen equipment (DSE). The impact of these is realised through back pain, neck strain, herniated discs, bone and muscle degeneration, a reduction in output and increased stress levels – all of these combined will have a negative impact on your business productivity when you aren’t getting 100% out of your staff.

When we undertake a workstation assessments for your staff, we bear all of this in mind and if we find that members of your team need some additional support to create a better workstation, then we have the right seating and desking to improve it. Once the problems are identified, we can make recommendations that provide you with the right solutions. Workstation assessments for your staff can offer up even the most minor adjustments which make a huge difference.

The versatility of our Axia range of seating is designed to support the pelvis making you sit better by supporting your back. Here are just a few advantages of our Axia seating: split seat/front -maintains constant feet to floor relationship, split seat/rear – accommodates natural pelvis position, tension control, arm rests, adjustable back support, dual sided levers all with a 10-year guarantee.

We also have a wide range of sit-stand, height-adjustable or electric desks. From a physical benefits point of view, ideally we should stand every 2 hours as this movement uses the largest muscles in the body and increases blood flow. This alone makes us feel better, improves concentration and helps to reduce risk levels in the blood leading to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and higher risk of cancer. Productivity has also been scientifically proven to increase up to 20%.

Our friendly and experienced team would be happy to advise on all aspects of workstation assessments for your staff, whether it be in the office or at their home. When workstations are set up with the right ergonomics, future risks can be avoided.

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