Height Adjustable Electric Desks

The typical 9-5 in an office is pretty standard for most of us during our adult working life and research shows that we can spend up to 7 hours a day – 10 as we get older – in a sitting position.

It isn’t that hard to rack up those hours when you think about how much time we spend sitting in cars or on public transport, at our desks, in meetings, at lunch and then back in the car or train again on the way home. None of this is any good for our posture.

We are simply not designed to sit down all day and these prolonged periods of being sedentary are having an impact of our health and wellbeing. Neck strain, herniated discs, muscle and bone degeneration can all be caused by sitting down too much.

Over the years, the workplace has changed drastically due in accordance with The Health & Safety Executive and the associated regulations around employee welfare. Workstation assessments are not uncommon for businesses who are serious about looking after their employees; these are proven to boost performance and reduce employee absenteeism all while being HSE compliant!

The use of sit-stand, height-adjustable or electric desks, has been scientifically proven to benefit employee wellbeing and increase productivity to up to 20%. When you stand you are using the body’s largest muscles and this boosts blood flow to the brain which can improve concentration, creativity, the way we feel and enhances the way we work overall. It also combats associated health risks such as harmful levels of stored sugars and fats in the blood leading to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and increased risk of cancer.

Standing for 2 hours is recommended when you are working at your desk, but the ideal number of hours is 4; perhaps that seems like an impossible task in your current work environment, but we can help you achieve this.

Our range of electric desks provide function, flexibility and freedom for you to move when you need to. The Electric Diamond Range is made in the UK, in a selection of stylish finishes to suit your office; we also have matching storage to complement the electric desk system to finish the look perfectly – and it all comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Diamond Office Furniture Ltd are happy to help you take care of your happy workforce and their wellbeing.

height adjutsable electric desks

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