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Choosing your correct office seating is easy with our range of home office furniture in Essex
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Your seat height should be adjustable allowing you to place your feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.Our home office furniture Essex range has plenty of options with adjustable heights.

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Lumbar support

The lumbar spine has an inward curve and sitting for long periods without support can lead to slouching which can alter this curve over time. Consider an option from our home office furniture Essex with lumber adjustments to properly fit the curve of the back.

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Back rest

Your home office furniture Essex seating should have a wide back rest with an adjustable height and angle, again this is to support the curve of the spine.

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A great office chair should provide an easy swivel, allowing you to turn and reach without straining.

Searching for home office furniture in Essex can be time consuming, but we believe our range of seating not only offers a stylish solution, but practical solutions designed to improve posture and support your lumber. We’re proud of the local service that we offer and welcome requests for specific seating that you have in mind, simply contact us with your request or take a look below for some inspiration.

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NB: Finance available on new furniture only.

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