COVID-19: How will you manage movement in your office space?

With businesses slowly returning to work, consideration has to be given to how to rearrange your office space in order to keep staff safe and compliant with the 2 metre social distancing rule. Many businesses are going to be affected in terms of how many staff can be in the office at any one time and how they will be signposted to move around the office in a safe and distanced way to get to the kettle and the loo, so efficient space planning is critical!

This new way of working; the six feet concept, will certainly be a space planning challenge. Diamond Office Furniture is here to help you through this phase of upheaval and can professionally work out your 2D and 3D space planning options with ease. We can also supply you with alternative desking, chairs and storage to make this new work space work for you.

Some office space may only need a little tweak here and there, whilst others will require more radical adjustments to ensure that there is no cause for concern amongst staff. We will work with you and help you visualise what these changes may look like, discuss the best options for your new design and help with your spatial choreography.

It is more than likely that you will not have your full quota of staff in the office at any one time and you may have to rota your workforce with an even office/work from home split for some time to come. We can also assist you in providing more suitable home working office furniture to make your WFH staff more comfortable and meet workstation assessment standards.

Whilst your business doors are still firmly closed, now is the perfect time to get our experienced Diamond Office Furniture space planning team in to measure up and create a safe working environment for your staff to return to. Keeping your employees protected and putting their welfare first can only have a positive impact on productivity and help you get your business back on track faster.

Contact us today and make an appointment for us to visit your premises and turn your existing office space into an agile working environment with appropriate distancing and wayfinding options.


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