The impact of branded office space

Here at Diamond Office Furniture, we are more than just about providing the office furniture you sit on, store things in and desks you work from. We know how important of the impact of branded office space can be on a business.

We are committed to helping you create an office space that effectively communicates your brand to your staff and to your clients. As a business, it is one of the most important things you can do to promote corporate culture and adapt to the specific needs of your staff. Creating a powerful brand message through visual and creative office design and planning means that you will be giving that all important first (and lasting) good impression which will enhance your business reputation and revenue streams.

bespoke office planning

As part of the Diamond Office Furniture service we will carefully plan your available square metres to maximise the impact of branded office space. Our expert team will visit your office, measure your space and then send you 2D or 3D plans showing how best to use it. We can then make anything you like! From a fully branded reception area or boardroom to a full open plan or closed office space, we will come up with a plan and design that is affordable for you. With our in house planning team, great supply of UK manufacturers and quality guarantees, we can ensure customer satisfaction.


bespoke office planning

Effective internal branding is a way that businesses can give employees a comfortable and stimulating environment to work in are actively seen to look after the comfort and welfare of their staff, whilst improving staff loyalty and increasing productivity. The impact of branded office space can immediately boost brand perception and offices are now considered company culture showpieces trending towards cutting-edge working spaces and moving with the business space trends.

If you’d like to discuss the use of space and a branded office experience with us,  call us today and speak to one of our expert team.

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