Office furniture on relocation; factors to consider when moving your business

Whether you are upscaling or downsizing, moving into a new office is an exciting time for any business.

Ok, maybe not so joyful for those managing the relocation; moving (home or business) can be incredibly stressful. A recent survey conducted by energy supplier E.ON, found that ‘moving premises is the second most stressful task that managers have to deal with’ with a whopping 78% of companies choosing to delay moving just to avoid dealing with it! Quite often companies have stayed in outgrown, inefficient and costly business premises rather than move.

Being responsible for project managing an office move ultimately means minimising disruption for staff no that work output isn’t compromised. It is something that involves great detail to ensure that your new office premises meet the current and future needs of your company, whilst keeping your workforce happy – all as seamlessly as possible.

Here at Diamond Office Furniture, we have helped hundreds of businesses with their office furniture requirements when they are facing daunting office furniture on relocation challenges. So, we’d like to give you a few ideas to help you manage things more effectively.

Cost. How much is your office relocation project going to cost you?

Budgets can be as difficult to stick to just as they are hard to set in the first place. They can easily be overshot for a whole host of reasons out of your control. But what you can control is your spend within your budget on office furniture and accessories. It’s all in the planning.

How will your internal space work and what interior solutions do you need?

It’s no good ordering office furniture for you new premises if you haven’t done your spatial homework. One thing Diamond Office Furniture can save you a small fortune on is space planning. As part of our service to you, we provide 2D and 3D digital drawings so we can max out your space and ensure that the office furniture you need actually fits! You don’t need to spend big bucks on fancy designers.

Can you reuse your existing office furniture to cut down on cost?

It isn’t as black & white as ‘we’ll have to take it all with us’ or ‘we replace it completely with new’. These two options can be both disheartening on one hand and super expensive on the other. There is nothing wrong with doing both! Going back to our space planning service, we can see what you have already that could work, and we can design or source other pieces of office furniture that you need to get the most out of your new space. There is nothing wrong with integrating old and new pieces and style won’t be forfeited.

Can you ease the environmental impact?

Relocating business premises is the perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid! If you don’t use it – lose it; there’s no point wasting your precious budget on moving things you don’t need. However, we know that disposing of large office items can be expensive. If you have unwanted pieces of furniture, it may be that we can take them from you or you can always donate them to organisations like The British Heart Foundation or ECCO who will collect from you. Getting rid of your old office furniture can be achieved responsibly and sustainably.

So, if you’ve been putting that office relocation off for some time and now feel ready for the challenge, give our expert team at Diamond Office Furniture a call today and see how we can help.

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