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We’ve had lockdown number one, we now find ourselves in the second wave of COVID-19 and the government is gradually putting regions with soring numbers on a tier-based restrictions system. Just when we all hoped that things would be getting back to some level of normality and see us slowly returning to the office or other places of work, it seems that this working from home malarky is here to stay for quite a while.

So, what does this mean for the home workers who are fed up with the make-shift offices put together using odd bits of furniture borrowed from various rooms or the loft? The lack of aesthetically pleasing décor must be driving some WFH-ers crazy!

From now on, it doesn’t have to be that way as Diamond Office Furniture is pleased to introduce our latest piece of furniture that will definitely make working from home more stylish – see the whole range here.

Back in the days of ‘normal’, the contemporary employee or employer could work from home when they needed to in a simple and largely effective way, by setting up a laptop on the breakfast bar, coffee table or a tablet on a lap on the sofa. With this now being a more permanent arrangement for most, it’s time to start investing in multi-functional furniture that won’t break the bank but may well save your back.

This is where a great multi-look office desk comes in to play. Our beautiful oak and/or white home office desk is slimline enough to look like a stylish console table but the cleverly hidden office support functions it has are very impressive. With intricate spaces to hold a tablet or documents, a row of little holes that double up at pen holders, removable panels that reveal little storage spaces and places for tidy cabling, this home office desk is the first step to making working from home more stylish.

This essential and smart piece of home workspace gives you the ability to tackle your to-do list head on and in elegant style. 886mm in height, 460mm in depth and 1220mm, it is the perfect fit for smaller spaces, whilst offering up an ample working area during the day. Versatile, practical, convenient and compact, it adds a touch of class to any room and is the perfect way to make working from home more stylish by both day and night.

If you’re ready to embrace the WFH culture, take a look at our wonderful range of home office furniture to make life a little more comfortable. Our friendly team are on hand to talk through any requirements you have.

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