How bespoke office furniture can work in the most awkward spaces

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office furniturefor the most awkward spacesWhether you’re a WFH-er or you have downsized your business premises, configuring your working space can present all sorts of challenges especially when you’re trying to work from somewhere that wasn’t specifically designed for that purpose.

A lot of businesses have moved from the big city skyscrapers into smaller refurbed ex-houses more recently turned into office space rather than a family dwelling.

Depending on the age of the property you are working in, you are likely to encounter that frustrating odd-shaped corner that you know you could utilise but are just not sure how! That’s where our team at Diamond Office Furniture can help – we know exactly how bespoke office furniture can work in the most awkward spaces.

These nooks and crannies need not go to waste, because our fantastic design team offer a completely free planning service where one of our professional designers will meet with you at your home or office, measure your tricky space and create detailed 2D and 3D drawings that will provide you with the best use of space. We can then create truly bespoke office furniture that will maximise that awkward space giving you extra storage, shelving, seating, floating desk or other functionality. We will take care of everything including designing, sourcing, installing and colour matching.

Some of the most difficult spaces to utilise are:


These come in all shapes, sizes, depths and heights and can provide very interesting spaces to fill to make your office more practical. You can make a real feature out of this by including seating or storage within the hearth.

Under stairs areas

Always a tight squeeze, we can add fabulous bespoke storage to give you more floor space in the rest of the room or create a built-in hot desk is also a great option.


Many period properties have alcoves on either side of the chimney breast which can accommodate great built in storage or a bookshelf which can be wrapped around each outside surface.

Attic spaces

Sloping ceilings are not a problem for us. We can create made-to-measure designs to maximise your storage and desking space.

Dormer windows

Loft conversions have been very popular for many people over the last decade or two and many homes have dormer windows, which do create hard-to-use space underneath. Installing a built-in window seat with a lift-up lid for additional storage inside is a great space saver and break out spot.

Tight corners

 A floating wall-mounted desk can create extra tucked away workspace and the continuous wraparound shelving above provides a streamlined way to organise files and display boxes for added style.

If you want to get creative and show off your quirky interior side or look for practical inspiration, we can help. With many years’ experience in creating high quality bespoke office furniture, we would be happy to advise you on what would work best for your challenging spaces and assist you with our professional design, build and installation process.

To find out more about how bespoke office furniture can work in the most awkward spaces in your home or office, contact us at Diamond Office Furniture today and start to make use of those unloved and forgotten areas.

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