Diamond Office Furniture: a greener way to get new office furniture

As a growing business, we have now moved to greener vehicles to help save our planet

Diamond Office Furniture new electric VanThe amount of fuel consumption when we are out on the road visiting customers or delivering our wide range of new and used office furniture bothered us – we needed to find a greener way to get new office furniture to our customers.

So, when it came to review and renew our fleet of cars and vans, we were excited to explore the benefits of ditching our diesel guzzlers for newer more efficient vehicles, making a saving of 60,000 miles per year!

We are now the proud owners of new Renault ZOE cars with 100% recycled fabric upholstery and a 52kWh battery which means we can get 242 miles per charge – 100% electric and 0% emissions.

There are also many other benefits as to why businesses like ours should embrace electric engines:

  • New electric Car at Diamond OfficeElectric cars and vans can be far cheaper to own and run. As with everything that is new on the market, it is usually more expensive to purchase in terms of your upfront cost. But if you look at the whole life cost you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the benefits are plentiful.
  • Charging your car or van electrically rather than using petrol or diesel will already give you significant savings. According to The Energy Savings Trust, depending on the make and model of your vehicle, electrically charging up to a 100 mile-range will cost you in the region of £6 where traditional fuel will be £16! And if you want to make even further savings and you have a smart meter or solar panels to charge from, the cost is reduced even further.
  • There are less ‘moving parts’ in electric vehicles which means that your service, maintenance and repair costs will also be reduced saving you up to 70% on your old petrol and diesel fleet. In real money, this means a saving of up to £300 per year in maintenance alone.
  • For businesses like us, Diamond Office Furniture make many, many deliveries and the daily £12.50 Ultra Low Emission Zone charge for London soon adds up to a pretty penny. Electric vehicles are exempt from this charge and the new parking scheme also means that electric vehicles are cheaper to park now too.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is also a big thing now. When companies have to tender for a contract potential employers want to see environmental policies and explore and assess how you are doing your bit to reduce harmful environmental damage within your business.

Our van is a Peugeot Boxer with a new Diesel engine which is better for the environment but the e-Boxer can still carry an additional and impressive 1,215kg of office furniture to your door – making our journeys still that little bit greener.

We would be more than happy to share our experience with you, if you think your business could benefit from finding a greener way to get about.

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